Montserrat (“serrated mountain”) is a quick and easy day trip from Barcelona. It is Spain’s first national park and it is known for the incredible rock formations. It was too bad that it was foggy on the day I visited but I was still able to appreciate its beauty. Located along the mountain range is the Santa Maria de Montserrat Monastery, which is the home of the famous Virgin of Montserrat, one of the Black Madonnas of Europe.

There are also several hiking trails along the mountain range that offer incredible views of the monastery and the surrounding landscapes. For more information about Montserrat including how to get there from Barcelona, check out Chris’ comprehensive post over at A Brit and A Southerner travel blog.


Montserrat Foggy Cable Car
Montserrat Foggy Mountainside

Montserrat Foggy Hike
Montserrat Foggy Hike
Family hiking the foggy Montserrat

Standing At The Lookout
Montserrat Foggy Columns

Montserrat Monastery Courtyard
Montserrat Basilica Interior
Montserrat Monastery


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