Well folks, just like that, summer 2016 is over (well not officially but it might as well be). I launched this blog in April of this year and a lot has happened since. I’ve visited a few places and I’ve written about them here. One of the highlights for this blog so far is being featured by Choose Chicago on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, which generated a lot of traffic to the site. I’ve also created a Facebook page for the blog that is now my main source of traffic. I can’t wait to see where this blog goes and to share more with you all.

In case you missed any of my adventures, here are some of the highlights:


One Fine Day in Seattle:


Chicago’s Hottest Hotel:


Banff - A Trip of a Lifetime:


Videos highlighting each my trips so far this year:


I’m planning a couple more trips for the rest of the year. I’m also challenging myself to write more about Toronto, so stay tuned for that. Please don’t forget to like my Facebook page and subscribe to my newsletter below. See you around!



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